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    I had a heart once. I don't know when I lost it, all I know is that it was sometime ago. I believe it happened while one evening I was touring the roads on my bike. Feeling the wind through my hair, hearing it as it roared by my bare ears.
    I love the way the leather grips feel under my tight fingers, or how the motor purrs between my legs. The heavy intoxicating smell of sun heated tar of the road. I will admit the odd sharp speck to the face every time a lone bug collides with me in the rush is unsettling but the whole idea that I know I'm looking cool is enough to keep me calm. Yup, heart racing fast it was definitely still there.
   I sped through a small town like the jackass I am. Making the women scream and the men yell. The buildings were nice. they looked old and kinda made the town look like it was made out of toys.A little tinker town where the people are always moving.yeah,but I sped through it. That's when I believe it happened.
    Racing down the sea side run. Feeling the heat on my black clad back. Smelling the salt. It just kinda fell. One minute my heart is full and the next it's just gone. I felt the chill embrace my body and I felt hollow. I still too this day, I still don't know what had happened. Or where my heart went. I have no idea if or when it will return. But I hope that when it does it doesn't bring any trouble.
Does anybody know that one dating add commercial where that guy is walking and then his heart leaps out while on the other side of town the same thing happens to the girl and the hearts lead them to each other. Yeah, well this is all I got from it XD
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December 31, 2012
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